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Hi folks! I've put up a collection of all the old free games I've made since 2006.

The collection includes (in alphabetical order):

  1. Android One Remake (a remake of the 80s classic!)
  2. Asteroids (Yep, another clone, this was made in 6 hours, and includes Source)
  3. Cavern Chase (Made for Ludum Dare 15 and includes source)
  4. Explore Quest (Made for Ludum Dare 16)
  5. Losted (the first game I completed and released and includes source)
  6. Losted 2 (and it's sequel)
  7. Mad Hatter Isle (Made for Ludum Dare 17 and includes source)
  8. Simplex (A small game made in a couple hours and includes source)
  9. TRAINWRECK (Made for a Glorious Trainwrecks game jam in 2 hours, while drunk - includes source)

BONUS::: My foray into the Demoscene - DSS^Overload - Includes source and my deepest apologies. Think of it as a love letter to the Amiga, if the letter was made by a 3 year old who hasn't quite figured out crayons yet.

SUPER BONUS::: A Doom WAD (possibly my first) that I found on a backup disc, dated 2001. Requires "The Ultimate Doom(1993)" IWAD and is compatible with modern doom source ports.

All games will run in anything from XP to Windows 7 - Some games may not work in Win8 though, due to compatibility issues and games made in older versions of Game Maker.

If you liked this little piece of history, please consider donating!

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